Breaking News Same As Headline Below

Breaking News: Same as Headline Below

Still watching CNN. With 30% of precincts reporting, Kerry has a very impressive lead over Dean still. Kerry is getting in the high 30s, Dean only in the 20s. Blitzer began by saying CNN exit polls were showing a tight race, but unless it is the upper middle class precincts that haven’t reported yet, I don’t see how it can be that close. Maybe former Dean supporters who switched to Kerry at the last minute just couldn’t bear to admit it to the reporters (maybe they were with their Dean-supporting friends at the time).

CNN hints around that New Hampshire has a strong class divide, with a lot of blue collar workers and a lot of upper middle class liberals. Then it reported that the “moderates” are favoring Kerry, the “liberals” Dean. I wonder if we can conclude that the working class is voting for Kerry and the upper middle class for Dean. American news reporting is so nervous about class. I wish they would just come out with it.

Edwards has opened up a small 1-point lead over Clark. It may not be statistically significant, but if it holds a third-place finish for Dean could mean a lot going into South Carolina next week. Clark’s earlier high poll numbers in New Hampshire now look like a fluke.

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