Iranians More Favorable On Iraq

Iranians more Favorable on Iraq

The Financial Times reports that Britain’s special representative in Iraq, Jeremy Greenstock, has said that he finds a big change in the Iranian attitude toward the Iraq situation. Ever since the US announced the November 15 accord that promises a sovereign Iraqi government by July 1, the Iranians have been much more positive. Greenstock says he does not believe Iran wanted to created a sister Islamic republic in Iraq.

Why speak of what “the Iranians” want? Iranians are deeply divided. I guarantee you that there are some hardline ayatollahs and basij members who are hoping to tip Iraq toward Islamic theocracy in the Khomeinist mode. Khatami’s people and the more secular groups, obviously, are not. But if it is Khamenei and his representatives who are happier now that Iraqi sovereignty is on the horizon, it is certainly because they hope it will mean more influence for them in Baghdad.

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