14 Dead In Iraq Attacks Including 3 Us

14 Dead in Iraq Attacks, including 3 US Soldiers

Guerrillas used a roadside bomb to kill 3 US troops near Kirkuk on Saturday. Another group car-bombed an Iraqi police station in Mosul on payday, killing 9 and wounding dozens.

al-Hayat reports that guerrillas killed one leader of the Turkmen Front and wounded another by spraying their car with bullets in south Kirkuk. Another man died in a bomb blast in Baquba. Local police say they suspect he may have been preparing the bomb for use in an attack.

Meanwhile, the same newspaper says, 12 fundamentalist Sunni Muslim groups distributed a astatement outlining their plans to take over Iraq’s cities when the US departs, and threatening retribution against “collaborators.” The statement was signed by “The National Islamic Resistance of Iraq,” “The Salafi Movement for Missionizing and Jihad,” Tanzim al-Qari`ah,” “the Army of the Helpers of the Sunnah,” and “the Army of Muhammad.”

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