Bremer Pledges To Block Islamic Law

Bremer Pledges to Block Islamic Law

Paul Bremer appointed Muhsin Abdul Hamid, the leader of the Iraqi Islamic Party (i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood) to serve on the Interim Governing Council. One could argue about whether this appointment was wise, but it is ironic that Bremer is now having to overrule his own appointee. Abdul Hamid is February’s president of the Interim Governing Council at a time when it is drafting Iraq’s Fundamental Law, which will serve as an interim constitution and may well end up the basis for the permanent one. Abdul Hamid wants shari`ah or the medieval codification of Islamic law to be “the principal” source of Iraqi law, rather than, as in the current draft, “a basic source.” Bremer has indicated that he would veto the change in language. But what he doesn’t say is that his veto power expires on July 1.

Meanwhile, 5 persons, including 3 US soldiers were killed in bombings in Iraq on Monday.

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