Sunni Cleric In Iraq Resistance Against

Sunni Cleric in Iraq: Resistance against Occupation is Licit in International Law

Muhammad Bashar al-Faidi, official spokesman for the Sunni Board of Muslim Clerics, gave an interview in ash-Sharq al-Awsat in which he strongly opposed Sistani’s proposal for direct elections. “Cooking on a fast fire ruins the food,” he said. He alleged that the plan aimed at “marginalizing the Sunnis.”

He accused the US of favoring Shiites so as to divide and rule Iraqis, and suggested that the Americans had deliberately left weapons stockpiles unguarded so as to ensure public disturbances and fighting among the major ethnic and religious groups. He said the Americans want to marginalize the Sunnis even though they are actually the majority in the country [this is not true but many Sunni Arabs believe it].

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