Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistanis Fatwa This

Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani’s Fatwa

This is what was at the site of Sistani:

” In the name of the Most Exalted

Grand Ayatollah Sistani has already clarified his observations on the agreement of November/15th (and maintains) that any law prepared for the transitional period will not gain legitimacy except after it is endorsed by an elected national assembly. Additionally, this law places obstacles in the path of reaching a permanent constitution for the country that maintains its unity and the rights of its sons of all ethnicities and sects.

16th Muharram al-Haraam


Remember that Sistani believes that the US occupation is illegal, and that everything the Interim Governing Council does is illegitimate, on the Rousseauan grounds that it does not reflect the will of the Iraqi people (no one has been openly elected to do these things in Iraq). Moreover, this interim documents, produced by mere appointees, attempts in many ways to tie the hands of the later elected members of parliament who will fashion the final constitution. He also doesn’t like giving the three Kurdish provinces a veto over the final constitution.

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