Mosul Police Station Us Base Take

Mosul Police Station, US Base Take Mortar Fire

Al-Hayat reported a large explosion in Baghdad on Wednesday, but no word of any casualties.

Reuters reports that guerrillas launched five mortar rounds at a police station and a mosque in the northern city of Mosul, wounding at least three persons.

AP also reported that the 4th Infantry Division base at Tikrit came under mortar fire Wednesday. On mortar round landed near the mess hall but proved to be a dud and did not go off. Two others exploded, but in unoccupied areas.

On Tuesday, a US soldier, Specialist Michael Woodliff, was killed by a guerrilla explosives attack on his humvee in Baghdad, AP reports.

Also on Tuesday, cars carrying senior Kurdish officials in the north were fired on as they were leaving Mosul. Senior PUK leader Jalal Jawhar was in one of the cars, but he was unhurt.

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