Muqtada Calls For Us Withdrawal From

Muqtada calls for US withdrawal from Iraq

From BBC World Monitoring:

“HEADLINE: Shi’i cleric Al-Sadr denounces US presence in Iraq

SOURCE: Voice of the Mujahidin, in Arabic 1200 gmt 20 Mar 04


Text of report by Iraqi Shi’i group’s Iran-based radio station Voice of the Mujahidin on 20 March

On the first anniversary of the US-UK led war on Iraq, Al-Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr denounced during his Friday sermon at Al-Kufa Mosque the US presence in Iraq. Al-Sadr said I never thought well of the Americans and will not do so. He added: We are seeing the results of the freedom that America granted, including the blasts in Karbala and Al-Kazimiyah, which took place on 2 March and led to the killing of more than 170 people. Al-Sadr accused the US troops of attacking Sunni mosques.

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