Sistani Doesnt Want Brahimi To Come

Sistani doesn’t Want Brahimi to Come Back

al-Hayat newspaper maintains that it was told by a high Frendh official that Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani opposes the return to Iraq of special UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi. He is said to be happy with the Shiite majority on the Interim Governing Council, and to fear that Brahimi will toss aside that body rather than expanding it and keeping a Shiite majority.

The French source also said that the Americans have, behind the scenes, given secret undertakings to the Kurds that they can have Kirkuk and will be able to enjoy a semi-independence from the government in Baghdad. He sources these promises to Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.

He further revealed that the Sunni Arabs are in high political gear and are busily organizing themselves for political action.

The French diplomat said that the situation in Iraq was “explosive” and that he worried about what will happen if it goes on like this.

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