Us Hq Receives Rocket Fire Elsewhere Us

US HQ Receives Rocket Fire; Elsewhere US soldiers Killed, Wounded

Wire services report that the US headquarters in Iraq was targeted by rocket fire Sunday morning, with other explosives landing elsewhere in downtown Baghdad. The attack was remarkable for being launched during the day, and that it could be pulled off at that time is a bad sign indeed on the security front. The rockets killed 2 Iraqi civilians, wounded 5, and wounded a US soldier.

In Fallujah, on Saturday night, guerrillas fired three rockets at the US army base, killing two soldiers and wounding five.

Reuters reports of Abu Ghuraib in Baghdad:

“A Task Force 1st Armored Division soldier and an Iraqi interpreter were killed and three other soldiers were wounded during an (improvised explosive device) attack on March 21,” a statement from the U.S. military said.

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