Us Soldier Wounded 9 Iraqis Killed Afp

US Soldier Wounded, 9 Iraqis Killed

AFP reports that a US soldier was injured and nine Iraqis were killed Thursday in separate attacks throughout the country.

Guerrillas set off a bomb near Baquba to the northeast of Baghdad, injuring one US soldier.

Guerrillas fired a rocket in southwest Baghdad, near a US military base, killing 3 Iraqis and wounding 5. The rocket also went off near a telephone exchange, and some say that was the real target. In Mosul, guerrillas fired a rocket and employed small arms fire, killing three policemen and 2 civilians.

Assailants killed a policeman in Kirkuk.

On Wednesday, a rocket attack on a telephone exchange in Baghdad knocked out long distance service, soon after it had been restored.

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