Basra Toll Rises To 68 Dead 238 Wounded

Basra Toll rises to 68 Dead, 238 Wounded, Including Children

Riyadh Shaken by Blasts, As Well

The horrific series of bombings at police stations in Basra have also killed or injured large numbers of civilians, including children, and cast a pall of dread over the southern port city. Basra had been spared major violence during the recent Shiite uprising, in part, apparently, because the British commanders did some sort of deal with the Sadrists. But Iraqi hyper-nationalist and ex-Baathist elements appear still to be at large, targeting institutions such as the police that are viewed as collaborating with the Coalition Provisional Authority and aiding the transition to a new government. Wael Abdul Latif, the governor of Basra, tried to blame the bombings in al-Qaeda. This is not impossible, especially since al-Qaeda does like multiple simultaneous attacks, and Riyadh was hit, as well. But my suspicion is that the Basra attacks were done by Iraqi Sunnis.

On the other hand, al-Qaeda did strike Riyadh, Saudi Arabia today, hitting a building associated with private security provision (probably for the royal family).

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