Brahimi Criticizes Us Bias Toward

Brahimi Criticizes US Bias Toward Israel

Al-Hayat reports that UN special envoy to Iraq Lakhdar Brahimi remarked on Wednesday that it was unjust for the US to show such a strong bias in favor of Israeli repression, and that it was making his job in Iraq more difficult.

Roula Khalaf also describes in the Financial Times the ways in which the two occupations, Israel’s in Palestine and America’s in Iraq, are becoming linked in the minds of the Arab public.

The US official who said that an anti-occupation movement in Iraq makes no sense, since the Occupation ends on June 30, is surely joking. It is clear to everyone that the Americans will still be actually in charge in Iraq after June 30– in charge of all the military forces in the country including the Iraqi ones, and still wielding enormous influence on the decisions of the caretaker government.

The British also tried to rule Iraq from behind their embassy after its independence in 1932, and they had a good run all the way to 1958, when a revolution put Iraq on a path of radical nationalist anti-imperialism. Do the Americans have to learn all over how these things can backfire?

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