Revolution In Baqubah 5 Us Soldiers

Revolution in Baqubah

5 US soldiers Killed in Baghdad and al-Anbar

According to Reuters and other wire services:

Baqubah A violent revolt broke out in the eastern city of Baqubah, in which guerrillas mounted assaults on government buildings and police stations. Fighting spread throughout the city, only slowing down Saturday afternoon. Baqubah looked like a ghost town. US-trained Iraqi security forces did not report for duty at checkpoints and police stations. Several American troops of the 1st ID’s 3rd Brigade were wounded, and 40 Iraqis were killed in the fighting. On Friday, there had been coordinated rocket attacks on a police station, the governor’s office, and a US military civil affairs building. On Friday, 11 civilians had been killed and 35 injured.

West Baghdad: Guerrillas attacked a fuel convoy Saturday, killing two US soldiers and an Iraqi driver.

A 10 year-old-boy fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a US tank west of Baghdad, hitting it and setting it on fire.

In the Sunni Baghdad quarter of Azamiyah, guerrillas fought US troops and bombs were heard going off, with columns of smoke rising.

Several blasts rang out across central Baghdad and a column of smoke rose from near the heavily fortified “Green Zone” where the US-led administration in Iraq is based, witnesses said. A US army spokeswoman said at least one of the blasts had been a controlled explosion, but had no further details.

al-Anbar Province On Friday, guerrillas had killed 3 Marines in separate incidents near Abu Ghuraib and elsewhere.

Mosul Heavily-armed Iraqis in a truck fired at US troops in Mosul. They fired back, killing 12 Iraqis and finding the truck full of arms. (-al-Hayat). US troops also fired on a crowd of demonstrators in from of the governor’s office in Mosul, killing 3.

Hillah: Guerrillas assassinated a translator working in al-Hillah for the Americans.

Kut Ash-Sharq al-Awsat reports that according to local physicians, the American fight to re-take al-Kut from Sadrist insurgents has killed 16 and wounded 26.

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