Brahimi Under Fire Bush Administration

Brahimi under Fire

The Bush Administration is putting a great deal of faith in UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi’s ability to establish a caretaker government by June 30. But the idea of the UN, represented by a Sunni Arab, and Paul Bremer appointing the Iraqi government is being attacked by the current appointees, the Interim Governing Council.

Many of them are objecting to his plans, and complaining bitterly that he is not consulting Iraqis thoroughly but is rather acting high-handedly.

A spokesman for the Interim Governing Council denounced the plan of Lakhdar Brahimi to install a caretaker government of technocrats on June 30, excluding from high office the current members of the IGC. The IGC said that only Iraqis can determine the shape of the future Iraqi government. (The IGC seems to be forgetting that no one elected them to anything and their claim to represent the Iraqi people depends on a giant leap of faith).

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