Clarke Invasion Of Iraq Enormous

Clarke: Invasion of Iraq an Enormous Mistake

In a speech in Orlando, former White House counter-terrorism chief Richard Clarke said, according to AP:

‘ The invasion of Iraq was an ”enormous mistake” that is costing untold lives, strengthening al-Qaida and breeding a new generation of terrorists, former White House counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke said Saturday.

”We did exactly what al-Qaida said we would do invade and occupy an oil-rich Arab country that wasn’t threatening us in any way,” Clarke said before giving the keynote address at the American Library Association’s annual convention in Orlando. ”The hatred that has been engendered by this invasion will last for generations. . .” ‘

”We won the Cold War by, yes, having good strong military forces but also by competing in the battle of ideas against the Communists,” Clarke later told the librarians. ”We have to do that with the jihadists.”

He referred to the Abu Ghuraib prison scandal in this regard.

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