Marines Visit Fallujah Cut Deal Az

Marines Visit Fallujah, Cut Deal

Az-Zaman: US Marines went into Fallujah on Monday, meeting with General Muhammad Latif, commander of the Fallujah Brigade, and the head of the local governing council, Saadu’llah al-Rawi. They signed an agreement on mutual confidence, with the US undertaking to release 50 Iraqis from Fallujah now in CPA prisons. The US also removed the checkpoint that had been set up to the east of Fallujah. Talks were held in the municipal building that involved several US officers and the highest ranking officers of the Fallujah Brigade.

Meanwhile, some Marine commanders consider the deal worked out with the Fallujah Brigade a failure because it has not made guerrillas give up their heavy arms or arrested those responsible for killing four foreign security guards in March.

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