Someone Tell Cheney 911 Commission

Someone Tell Cheney

The 9/11 commission says that there was no link between Iraq and September 11. Duh.

But someone tell Dick Cheney, please. He apparently doesn’t read the newspapers, either.

Anyone who followed September 11 knew that the money trail went back to Afghanistan via the UAE and Pakistan, and that not a dime could be traced to Iraq. Likewise there were hardly any Iraqi al-Qaeda– a handful of scruffy Kurds (not in Saddam’s control anyway) and a few strays. Likewise no government official with a return address is crazy enough to be heavily involved in a massive attack on New York. That some shadowy contacts might have taken place between Iraqi security and some guys with al-Qaeda connections doesn’t prove anything. There were certainly CIA contacts with al-Qaeda over the years, too. And, the contacts alleged would have to be proven by good documentation now that we know the full extent of Ahmad Chalabi’s fabrications.

It’s over. Someone tell the National Review and the American Enterprise Institute, too. Or, wait. Let them go on looking silly.

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