14 Us Troops Wounded By Mortar Fire In

14 US Troops wounded by Mortar Fire in Baghdad

3 Iraqis die in Violence

Paul Garwood of AP reports that on Tuesday, guerrillas successfully launched four or five mortars at the Green Zone in Baghdad that houses the caretaker government and the British and American embassies, wounding 14 US troops. Eleven were returned to duty. Another mortar round fell on a nearby neighborhood, Salhiya, killing one Iraqi garbage collector and wounding another.

Guerrillas sprayed the automobile of Dr. Qassem Obaidi with gunfire, killing him late Monday. He was the assistant director of the Mahmoudiya Hospital about 25 miles south of Baghdad.

A suicide bomber detonated his car in the eastern city of Baquba, but did not manage to harm anyone else.

There have been two spectacular arrests of persons driving vehicles packed with mortars, mortar rounds and other deadly weaponry in the past two days. One vehicle was stopped by Iraqi police at Kut, and the other by Marines in al-Anbar province.

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