4 Marines 5 Iraqis Killed Guerrillas

4 Marines, 5 Iraqis Killed

Guerrillas operating near Fallujah killed four Marines on Saturday.

AFP reports other incidents:

US Marines in Ramadi engaged in a firefight with 7 black-costumed guerrillas, killing two of them. Five Iraqis were wounded in the incident. The US military spokesman explained, “Those seven fired on the marines from the taxi stop. The marines returned fire, killing two of the attackers and seized the vehicle they used, which had a machine gun mounted on the back.”

Guerrillas set off a roadside bomb north of Baqubah as a US military convoy passed, but they missed it and wounded three Iraqis instead.

The guerrilla resistance to the American new order in Iraq sabotaged a gas pipeline near Kirkuk. The pipeline fed the Beiji power plants.

Assassins stabbed to death a Kurdish translator for the US troops north of Kirkuk. Also in the Kirkuk area, guerrillas fired on the offices of the largely Arab Union of Farming Cooperatives, and killed a guard. Arab farmers in that region are most often transplants from further south, brought in by Saddam as part of a campaign of Arabization.

Vigilantes firebombed four liquor stores in the turbulent city of Baqubah. Although the stores were closed at the time, the bombs did kill one passerby.

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