Iraqi Women Being Dragged Backwards

Iraqi Women Being Dragged Backwards

Trudy Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer brings back grim news about the situation of women from her recent trip to Iraq.

She writes,

‘during my recent trip to Iraq, middle-class women spoke to me about their fears of moving backward after the U.S. invasion. A temporary code of law drafted by American lawyers guarantees women’s rights in coming months. But an elected Iraqi government could cave to growing religious pressures to curb those rights.

“I think women are left naked after July 1” when sovereignty reverted to Iraqis, said Manal Omar of Women for Women International. Her group, based in Washington, helps women in post-conflict societies. “In Afghanistan, you saw a bit of easing [on women’s rights], but in Iraq we’re going backward. We are fighting for the status quo.” ‘

She notes that women are trying to organize in Baghdad, and hope to get out the vote.

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