Cole As Issue In Oklahoma Senate

Cole as Issue in Oklahoma Senate Campaign

In this month’s Wired magazine, an article entitled “The Dean Machine Marches On” looks at the internet, blogging, and political campaigns. In the profile on p. 141 of Brad Carson, a Native American and Blue Dog Democrat running for an Oklahoma senate seat, it is written:

“But the new tactics can be risky. The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued a press release titled “Brad Carson: A-Blogging He Will Go,” which attacked Carson for linking to “the Web sites of radicals,” including DailyKos and Juan Cole.

This all happened a while ago, of course, but what is exciting to me is where it is reported. Many, many thanks to Carson and to the National Republican Senatorial Committee for getting me a mention in Wired, one of my favorite magazines.

Carson’s Web Log is very much worthwhile checking out.

And, please send him a hefty campaign contribution. :-)

Carson is behind in the polls in Oklahoma, but some think he has a chance of pulling ahead.

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