Violence Kills 23 Us Soldiers Wounded

Violence Kills 23

US Soldiers Wounded at Karama

Al-Arabiyah is reporting that guerrillas detonated a car bomb near a national guard facility in Mosul, killing or wounding several persons on Monday morning. Also, US war planes attacked Sadr City on Monday, killing 5 and wounding 48. Al-Arabiyah showed wounded children in the hospital. A rocket slammed into Karrada in Baghdad, killing one person and wounding several others.

On Sunday, wire Services report that guerrillas detonated two car bombs at Karama, east of Fallujah, outside an Iraqi national guard base. The bombs wounded “several” US and Iraqi soldiers.

In the Tamim district of Ramadi, fighting between US Marines and Sunni Arab nationalists left 4 Iraqis dead and 10 wounded.

In Baghdad, a rocket landed in a busy shopping street in the city centre, killing one person and wounding several others.

US military forces engaged guerrillas near Baquba in the east, and in the course of the fighting a farmer was killed in the crossfire.

US warplanes bombed Fallujah again on Sunday, more than once, attempting to strike at a meeting of Monotheism and Holy War downtown. The US struck three times in 24 hours. Hospital officials said they received 8 dead and 22 wounded, including women and children. Residents asserted that many victims remained buried under the rubble.

Guerrillas at Latifiyah just south of Baghdad launched an attack on a group of gasoline tankers, in which they killed 10 persons and wounded 26 on Saturday. They sprayed machine gun fire at the tanker trucks, setting all five ablaze, after which they engaged in a running gun battle with members of the National Guard who were accompanying the convoy.

In Baqubah, the US military arrested a high officer in the Iraqi National Guard whom they suspect was actually working for the Sunni Arab nationalist forces. Talib al-Lahibi was a former officer in the Baath army. Most close observers believe that the Iraqi national guards, police and bureaucracy are riddled with double agents working for the cause of expelling the US rather than for the caretaker goverment.

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