Over Dozen Police Killed Nearly 2

Over a Dozen Police Killed, Nearly 2 Dozen Wounded

Reuters reports that guerrillas detonated a car bomb on Sunday near a Baghdad cafe frequented by Iraqi police, killing seven persons and wounding 20. The police were having their evening meal to break the fast during Ramadan.

On Saturday, guerrillas had opened fire south of Baghdad on nine Iraqi policemen in a convoy that was returning from training classes in Jordan.

On Sunday morning in Baghdad, guerrillas fired a mortar round at an office where weapons had been collected from the Mahdi Army militiamen. Caretaker Prime Minister Iyad Allawi had been scheduled to visit the site, but changed his itinerary hastily. He did meet with Sadrist leaders in the vast slum of East Baghdad. US military sources complain that the weapons turn-in program for the Mahdi Army has so far yielded only a few old guns and has not been a real success.

In Fallujah, US warplanes bombed the Jolan district again, with US military spokesmen saying that the target was a checkpoint established by the fighters of Monotheism and Holy War. Fallujah hospital officials reported four civilians wounded by US bombing of this residential district, one of them a child.

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