1 Us Soldier Killed Guerrillas

1 US Soldier Killed

Guerrillas employed a roadside bomb to kill a US soldier near Salman Pak on Wednesday, and wounded one other.

Ash-Sharq al-Awsat reports that guerrilas used a car bomb, which exploded on the road, killing or wounding 8 in the southeast corner of Bahgdad.

AP summarizes the two incidents Thursday morning:

‘ On Wednesday, a soldier was killed and another wounded in a roadside bombing 12 miles south of the capital. A suicide driver detonated his vehicle at a checkpoint near Baghdad airport, injuring nine Iraqis and forcing U.S. troops to close the main route into the city for hours. ‘

Reuters reports that the Supporters of the Sunnah terrorist group beheaded a high officer in the new Iraqi army, Husain Shunun, after capturing him in Mosul.

Meanwhile, US warplanes struck Fallujah again on Wednesday, after a number of very destructive bombing raids.

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