20 Killed Or Wounded At Education

20 Killed or Wounded at Education Ministry Bombing
6 Hostages Taken

Guerrillas detonated a car bomb outside the Ministry of Education in Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 5 persons and wounding at least 15. It badly damaged the government building and destroyed several vehicles in the street outside.

Guerrillas invaded the office of a Saudi company in Baghdad and took 6 hostages, including one American.

A Reuters cameraman trying to cover the fighting in Ramadi was caught in the crossfire between US troops and guerrillas, and was killed.

On late Sunday night, a shell hit the compound of the Japanese Self Defense Forces at Samawah. Although there were no casualties, this incident caused a stir in Japan.

The first female British soldier to die in Iraq was shot to death in Basra.

For more about how Kerry is the conservative and Bush the revolutionary in this election (see below), see Daniel Sneider’s “Kerry: The Conservative Choice.”

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