Desertions And Church Bombings And

Desertions and Church Bombings and Fallujah

The Guardian has a good overview of events on Monday in Iraq. Notable were the 6 killed and 80 wounded as a result of carbombings of churches. The poor Iraqi Chaldeans and Assyrians are as Iraqi as all other citizens, but are being targeted because they share a religion with the Americans. Also notable was the evidence for dramatic rates of desertion among Iraqi forces being committed to Fallujah.

See the important pieces by Dilip Hiro and Chalmers Johnson at

Am at a conference and can’t write at any length today. But see item below.

Heard John Shattuck, CEO of the Kennedy Library Foundation, make the argument that serious opinion polling of the American public does not find anything like a mandate for Bush doctrines like preemptive war or unilateralism.

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