30 Killed In Tsunami Of Attacks Arab

30 Killed in Tsunami of Attacks

Arab satellite stations are reporting mortar attacks on the Green Zone in Baghdad (where the US embassy and government offices are located), and showing thick columns of black smoke rising over the capital.

Guerrillas launched several coordinated attacks on Friday, aimed at disrupting the country as it moves toward the January 30 elections. They demonstrated that the Fallujah operation had not in the least damaged their command and control apparatus.

At dawn, about 60 guerrillas attacked a police station at Amil district in Baghdad, killing at least 16 policemen and wounding others. They also released some 50 inmates. Eyewitnesses said that the guerrillas arrived in the Amil quarter in civilian cars, and took up positions on the roofs of buildings near the police station. They then bombarded it with rocket propelled grenades. The clashes lasted about an hour, with the police fighting back until they ran out of ammunition. (-ash-Sharq al-Awsat).

Guerrillas also attacked a Shiite religious edifice, detonating a car bomb at a Shiite religious symbol, and killing 16 and wounding 14.

Clashes also broke out in Mosul, leaving 12 persons dead, mainly guerrillas.

Guerrillas used roadside bombs to kill one US soldier and wound two others near Kirkuk.

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