Baghdad Car Bomb Wounds 5 Us Soldiers

Baghdad: Car Bomb Wounds 5 US Soldiers
Baiji: Car Bomb Kills 7, Wounds 18

Guerrillas in Baghdad detonated a car bomb near a US convoy on the road to the airport, wounding 5 American soldiers.

Guerrillas in the town of Baiji north of Baghdad detonated a car bomb in a crowded market, killing 7 persons and wounding nearly 20. Elsewhere in Baiji, a guerrilla fired a rocket propelled grenade at a US tank, wounding a soldier and damaging the tank.

On Monday, near Ramadi, a suicide car bomber targeted Iraqi policemen who had gathered to collect their paychecks at a police station, Monday, a suicide car bomber plowed into policemen waiting to collect their salaries at a police station. The attacker killed 12 persons and wounded at least 10.

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