Carbomb Targets Green Zone Again

Carbomb targets Green Zone Again
Electricity Outage in All Iraqi Cities for Second Straight Day

A car bomber struck the same Green Zone checkpoint again Tuesday morning as had been targeted on Monday. LBC satellite television is reporting one Iraqi National Guardsman killed and twelver persons seriously wounded.

Two Marines were killed by guerrilla action in or near Baghdad on Monday.

LBC says a convoy of fuel trucks was attacked near Fallujah.

Al-Zaman: As the cold of winter approaches, all the major Iraqi cities were without electricity on Monday for the second straight day. The massive outage was caused by sabotage of a station at Baiji that caused a fire at the key relay.

The US bombed the al-Askari quarter of Fallujah, apparently in revenge for the killing of 7 Marines near Haditha on Sunday. In Iskandariyah in Babil province south of Baghdad, guerrillas killed a national guardsman and wounded two others. In Kirkuk, guerrillas assassinated an Iraqi translator working at the local American base. In Dajil, a national guardsman was killed along with two guerrillas, and 7 civilians were injured in clashes. Corniche Avenue in Mosul took mortar fire.

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