Press Roundup Reuters Reports On

Press Roundup

Reuters reports on a growing Iraq fuel crisis that could lead to civil turmoil and harm the prospects for elections. How ironic, if lack of fuel should roil Iraq of all places.

According to the Guardian, a former CIA agent is suing the agency because he said he was pressured to conform to the official estimates on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. This analyst entertained severe doubts about the common wisdom, and was punished for expressing them, he said.

Only 47% of Americans now think that a stable, democratic Iraq is a likely outcome. This percentage is down from 55% in April. That is, American confidence in the Bush misadventure in Iraq has fallen below the half-way point. How fifty percent of the American people can possibly still think Bush is doing a good job in Iraq is a great mystery. The AP-Ipsos poll found:

‘ Those most likely to have lost faith in the chances of a stable, democratic Iraq are those with college degrees, Southerners, homeowners, city-dwellers, Catholics, independents and Democrats. ‘

Hmm. Who could be left?

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