Guerrillas Kill 32 Car Bomb Kills 19

Guerrillas kill 32
Car Bomb Kills 19, Wounds 6

AFP reports that guerillas killed 32 persons in Iraq on Saturday. The most spectacular act of violence was the car bombing of a bus carrying national guardsmen.

“Sixteen Iraqi national guard soldiers and one Iraqi civilian were killed… when anti Iraqi forces detonated a vehicle borne-improvised explosive device next to a bus at 8 am (0500 GMT),” said US spokesman Master Sergeant Robert Powell, adding that two more national guardsmen died later of their wounds. Six national guardsmen were also wounded in the attack, Powell said.

In a continuing series of assassinations of provincial officials, guerrillas assassinated the chairman of the provincial governing council of Baqubah, Nawful Abdul Husain and his brother. A number of police were killed around the country, and guerrillas carried out more attacks on pipelines.

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