Us Soldier Killed In Samarra 15 Iraqis

US Soldier Killed in Samarra,
15 Iraqis Killed

Guerrillas set off a car bomb at the police station in Tikrit Monday, killing 6 policemen and wounding between 8 and 12. Tikrit is Saddam Hussein’s home town.

Near Yusufiyah, guerrillas detonated a roadside bomb as a US convoy was passing, followed by a civilian minibus. The bomb missed the Americans and killed 7 Iraqis, wounding one.

A car bomb in Samarra killed a US serviceman and wounded two civilians.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat reports these along with some other incidents. An Iraqi translator for the Americans was shot down between al-Sharqat and Mosul. Jawad Saadoun was 33.

Two petroleum pipelines, one between Kirkuk and Baiji, were blown up on Monday.

The killing two days ago of an Iraqi National Guardsman in the northern al-Hurriyah district of Baghdad was confirmed.

There were also a large number of other violent attacks that the US military has not released the details about. This is true every day.

There were also dangerous almosts.

Police in the upscale Mahmudiyah district of Baghdad discovered and disarmed a car bomb near the headquarters of the Iraqi Islamic Party, headed by Muhsin Abdul Hamid. He had served in the Interim Governing Council, and has not called for a boycott of the elections, though he cancelled his own party’s participation in theme because he said poor security in Sunni Arab areas would not allow a fair election.

Guerrillas detonated a huge explosion near the Japanese base at Samawah in southern Iraq, where 600 members of the Self Defense Forces are stationed. The Japanese contingent was sent to do medical and other aid work, but appears to have mainly been stuck in its barracks because of poor security. The bomb doesn’t seem to have gotten close enough to harm anyone. There have been previous attempts to target the SDF, but luckily those also failed. The deployment of the SDF to Iraq is pretty unpopular with the Japanese public, and if any are killed in violence it might force PM Koizumi to withdraw them.

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