2 Us Soldiers Killed 5 Wounded 19

2 US soldiers Killed, 5 wounded
19 Iraqis killed; Mosque Bombed

CNN reports that guerrillas used a roadside bomb to kill two US soldiers and wound five others near Baiji outside Tikrit on Friday afternoon.

Guerrillas kidnapped an Italian journalist in Baghdad. These incidents are so common that it is worth underlining that the US military and the Iraqi interim government do not control most of the capital of the country they claim to be running.

Guerrillas in Baghdad near Abu Ghraib used rocket propelled grenades and small arms fire to ambush a five-vehicle police convoy late Thursday, killing one policeman and wounding three.

Al-Hayat reports that guerrillas blew up a Shiite mosque and a Shiite mourning center in Baghdad, and were responsible for the deaths of 19 Iraqis in various attacks.

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