3 Us Troops Dead 8 Wounded 18 Iraqis

3 US Troops Dead, 8 Wounded
18 Iraqis Killed

Wire services reported that ‘ Twenty-two people including four US soldiers have died in a series of attacks in Iraq since Sunday evening, while a journalist, her son, and three men working for the US military have been kidnapped, according separate security sources and a statement from a militant group. ‘ The guerrillas struck all over the center-north of the country, from Baghdad to Mosul.

Guerrillas detonated a bomb in Baghdad Monday near a US medical helicopter, killing 3 US troops and wounding 8.

Iraq, in short, continues to be a godawful mess, with no real security on the major roads. As I suggested in January, the anonymous elections have not had a significant impact on the guerrilla war.

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