No Government Any Time Soon In Iraq

No Government any Time Soon in Iraq

The formation of a government in Iraq has been put off yet again, possibly until April 1 or beyond, according to AFP. The Shiites and the Kurds say they are close to agreement. But they could remain only close to an agreement for a long time. Parliament may meet again in the meantime.

AFP also says:

Violence carried on Thursday as bullets flew in the former rebel stronghold of Fallujah . . . a defense ministry official said, without giving a toll. An AFP reporter said shots were heard from the city’s northwestern Jolan district. At the Jolan district’s medical center, hospital clerk Abbas Ahmed said four dead Iraqi soldiers were brought to the facility, but the defense ministry could not confirm the toll.

Elsewhere, a friendly-fire incident near the Syrian border . . . Iraqi police and army traded fire [with each other] in Rabia, 130 kilometers (80 miles) northwest of Mosul, leaving three soldiers and two police dead, Major General Mohamed al-Jaburi told AFP.

AP gives further details on thee friendly fire incident.

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