Public Support For Iraq War Collapsing

Public Support for Iraq War Collapsing
Majority of Americans want to Bring Some Troops Home

Zogby international found that in late February the percentage of Americans who felt that the Iraq War was worth the cost plummeted by 20 percent. Is this because of the further $83 billion Bush requested for Iraq? If so, the support is likely to fall a good deal further, since this thing is not getting any cheaper.

Question: Do you think the war in Iraq is worth its costs?

Feb. 25-27

Worth it 39%

Not worth it 54%

Feb. 14-17

Worth it 52%

Not worth it 46%

Moreover, a majority of Americans now believes that the US should begin withdrawing troops from Iraq, according to a Marist College Institute poll of last week. This poll confirms the Zogby finding that a majority now says that the war was not worth it. A majority of Americans now also questions whether Iraq will be a “stable democracy” any time soon.

This poll also shows that Americans know very well that neither Iran nor Syria constitutes a threat to the US. Interestingly, more Americans think Iraq still poses a threat to the US than think Iran does (10 percent versus 8 percent). Interestingly, the perception of a threat from Syria has fallen to almost nothing from 12 percent two years ago. You have to wonder if the revelations about Iraq’s lack of WMD and of the ramshackle state of its government and military have taught us all a lesson about seeing threats realistically. (David Wurmser will be upset at this attitude toward Syria, since he’s been trying to get up a US war against Damascus).

On February 25, The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion poll reports:

Bring them home: A majority of Americans think the U.S. should withdraw at least some troops from Iraq.

Question Wording: What do you think the United States should do about its number of troops in Iraq: send more, keep the same number, withdraw some, or withdraw all troops from Iraq?

February 2005

Send More 12%

Keep Same Number 24%

Withdraw Some 23%

Withdraw All Troops 33%

Unsure 8%

Second thoughts? A majority of Americans think the war in Iraq is not worth it.

Question Wording: All in all, do you think the war in Iraq is worth it or not?

February 2005

Worth It 43%

Not worth It 53%

Unsure 4%

A long road to democracy ahead: Americans are not optimistic about the realization of a stable democracy in Iraq in the near future. Only about one in three Americans believe a stable democracy in Iraq will emerge in the next two years.

Question Wording: Two years from now, do you think it is very likely, likely, not very likely, or not likely at all that Iraq will be a stable democracy?

February 2005

Very Likely 6%

Likely 28%

Not Very Likely 39%

Not Likely at All 22%

Unsure 5%

Americans see other imminent threats in the world: Many Americans see North Korea as the biggest foreign threat facing the United States.

Question Wording: Which one of the following do you see as the biggest foreign threat facing the United States today?


February 2005

North Korea 43%

Al Qaeda 24%

Iraq 10%

Iran 8%

Syria 2%

November 2004

North Korea 22%

Al Qaeda 43%

Iraq 11%

Iran 9%

Syria 1%

May 2003

North Korea 38%

Al Qaeda 22%

Iraq 9%

Iran n.a.

Syria 12%

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