44 Us Troops Injured In Abu Ghraib

44 US Troops Injured in Abu Ghraib Attack, Some Seriously
12 Iraqis Wounded
6 Iraqis killed in Separate Incidents

An organized platoon of some 40 guerrillas launched mortar attacks on Abu Ghrain prison on Saturday, wounding 44 US troops, some seriously, and 12 Iraqis. The US holds 10,500 Iraqis prisoner, suspecting them of being active in the anti-US guerrilla movement. Mariam Fam of AP adds:

‘ Early Saturday, gunmen opened fire from a car in Baghdad, killing local official Hassib Zamil outside of the Education Ministry offices in the Sadr City neighborhood. In the central city of Khan Bani Saad, a car bomb killed five people, including four police officers on patrol. Two police officers and three civilians also were wounded . . . A car bomb also injured six Iraqis and set a house on fire in the northern city of Mosul, the U.S. military said. The attack happened Saturday as coalition soldiers, acting on a citizens’ tip, were arriving to investigate, the U.S. military said. It also reported that a U.S. Marine was killed by enemy fire while conducting security operations in Ramadi on Friday. ‘

The trope in the American media of the “winding down” of the guerrilla war is without foundation. At 60 attacks a day, it is extremely active.

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