Of Bents And Teaching Daniel Drezner

Of Bents and Teaching

Daniel Drezner maintains that there are virtually no political science courses that deal with the Arab-Israeli conflict in the United States that have a “Zionist bent.”

Well, I disagree, and I have lots of evidence for disagreeing.

But anyway, Drezner has misunderstood my point. I don’t give a rat’s ass whether those courses have a Zionist bent or not. I am saying that “bent” is not a relevant category of analysis when evaluating university teaching. Everybody has some bent. The question is, whether students come out of the class having learned to reason about a set of problems or not. The content is not as important, since they’ll forget a lot of the content anyway, and will receive it selectively, both during and after the class. But if you teach them to take things apart and see how they work, to think about social and political causation, to see how things work together, in a particular field, then they can produce their own knowledge and understanding about it thereafter. They can also question their own and the professor’s premises because they will have learned about hidden premises and how to bring them out in the open and interrogate them.

All this is as true of left/right issues, as well.

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