Us Soldier 4 Policemen Killed In

US Soldier, 4 Policemen Killed in Afghanistan by Neo-Taliban

Resurgent Taliban forces attacked Afghan police and a US patrol on Wednesday, leaving one American soldier and 4 policemen dead.

CNN says the US has 18,000 troops in harm’s way in Afghanistan as well as substantial NATO forces. Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri are at large. Parliamentary elections are due. The US was struck from there. It is a story.

The US media are not covering this story, and it is shameful. What is more shameful is what they are covering, essentially human-interest stories, with long stretches of valuable airtime wasted with bloviation on trivial legal maneuvers. I looked at the transcripts in Lexis, and there is virtually no mention of Afghanistan except on the drug issue. This is shameful and the US public should demand better coverage of Afghanistan as long as we have that many troops there. is a good place to follow the story. You’ll note there that the neo-Taliban stormed a district HQ just recently.

For a US National Guard’s experiences in Afghanistan, see Jean-Paul Borda’s Blog.

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