Revenge Of Stiff Or He Asked For It

Revenge of the Stiff
Or, He Asked for It

CNN reports that Star Wars director George Lucas said his movies could apply to the Iraq war:

”In terms of evil, one of the original concepts was how does a democracy turn itself into a dictatorship,” Lucas told a news conference at Cannes, where his final episode had its world premiere. ”The parallels between what we did in Vietnam and what we’re doing in Iraq now are unbelievable. ”On the personal level it was how does a good person turn into a bad person, and part of the observation of that is that most bad people think they are good people, they are doing it for the right reasons,” he added.

These remarks inspired the little satire, below. Note: Anyone can play. Just copy the the script treatment for Star Wars III from this site, paste it into a text file, and perform a quick series of “find-and-replace” maneuvers. I advise “George W.” for Anakin, “Frist” for Palpatine, “Obi-Colin” for Obi-wan Kenobe and Obi-wan, “Laura” for Padme, “Saddam” for Count Dooku and Dooku, “Tariq Aziz” for General Grievous,and “Yo-Brentscocrow” for Yoda. You can also accomplish the same thing at Get Me a Rewrite.

The problem with myths is that they can only remain meaningful if they aren’t applied to anything concrete. Once you do that, they just seem ridiculous.

Star Wars Episode 3
Revenge of the Stiff
Plot Summary Script Synopsis Story

A Satire

War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Stiff Lord, Count Saddam. There are fools on both sides. Jello is everywhere.

In a super-astounding gigantic Saturday move, the fiendish droid leader, General Tariq Aziz, has swept into the Republic capital and captured Chancellor Frist, leader of the Galactic Senate.

As the Insurgent Droid Army attempts to flee the besieged capital with their worthless hostage, two Jedi Knights lead a misguided mission to rescue the kidnapped Chancellor.


We see a huge space battle unfolding over the city planet of Coruscant. Republic venator class star destroyers trade fire with Insurgent war ships, in the distance we see the Invisible hand flag ship of the Trade federation and current location of COUNT Saddam the former Jedi master turned Stiff apprentice, as well as their prisoner SUPREME CHANCELLOR FRIST whose alter ego is the hard to find mastermind DARTH SIDIOUS.

As the space battle rages on two Jedi star fighters are deployed from one of the republic cruisers. They are piloted by our stalwart heroes George W. Skywalker and Obi-Colin. We see a long tracking shot where both fighters weave between enemy and friendly ships alike evading laser fire and engaging the many droid fighters which attack them. Clone ARC star fighters join the fray and the pilots trade battle chatter with the two jedi as they engage the tri-fighter’s of the federation.


Saddam commands a bridge full of Nemoidian pilots as they watch the battle on a large view screen.


Obi-Colin’s star fighter is attacked by enemy droids which attach themselves to his hull and use lasers to cutaway at it. Sadly R4 Grossberg, his trusted astromech droid, is destroyed.

George W., proving why he is known as the worst pilot in the galaxy executes a Rube Goldberg maneuver, in which he uses the wing of his star fighter to scrape the enemy droids off of Obi-Colin’s ship. Obi-Colin’s ship is knocked perilously into the open hanger of the Invisible hand with George W. not far behind, as Obi-Colin curses him roundly.


Meanwhile, Saddam consults his fellow insurgents via hologram With him we see General Tariq Aziz for the first time, a menacing skeletal cyborg, who has killed many Jedi.


Saddam concludes the discussion with his co-conspirators as one of the Nemoidian Bridge officers makes him aware of the Jedi’s presence on the ship he tells General Tariq Aziz to take care of them as the wily Count Saddam ascends to the ‘general’s quarters’ to check on the captured Chancellor whom he may or may not be aware is also Darth Sidious.


Entering a new corridor, which leads to the bridge, Obi-Colin warns George W. to take Saddam alive, as he has information that might be valuable to the war effort.


Frist is shackled to a large chair in the huge room. The two Jedi enter and engage Count Saddam in a rematch from their last encounter. At some point during the battle Obi-Colin is separated from George W., most likely he is engaged by General Tariq Aziz and battles the evil cyborg as George W. confronts Saddam alone.

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