Fallujah Film Italian Magazine Diario

Fallujah Film

The Italian magazine Diario has posted to its web site a film of Fallujah made by Iraqis (apparently by Iraqi government workers sent in to help with clean-up) in early January of 2005, at a time when the international press was excluded from the city.

Note that the links to the video are in the photograph of the truck. The possible playing options are given as follows:

56k RP (Real Player)
56 k WMP (Windows Media Player)
ADSL RP (fast cable connection)

The video shows a good deal of the damage to the city (2/3s of buildings damaged) and has some graphic shots of the dead. At one point the health workers excavate a shallow grave with a body bag. They look inside and say “Atfal”– “children.” Someone had had to bury them hastily.

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