More Than 35 Killed By Iraqi

More than 35 Killed by Iraqi Guerrillas
US Kills 40 Fighters with Missile Strike

CBC/AP reports:

The new wave of violence began Friday evening when a suicide bomber targeted patrons of a falafel restaurant in the Shiite Shula quarter of Baghdad, killing 10 persons, some of them children waiting for ice cream.

On Saturday, a former commando of the Interior Ministry’s Wolf Brigade blew himself up at its HQ, attempting to assassinate the commanding officer, but killing 3 other persons instead.

Likewise, another Interior Ministry brigade, in the Mansur quarter of Baghdad, was attacked with machine gun fire from a car, which killed 3.

In Diyara, an hour south of Baghdad, guerrillas shot 11 Iraqi construction workers in their minibus. They were employed at Iraqi government and US bases.

A suicide bomber detonated his payload in front of the Slovakian Embassy, wounding 4 persons. Presumably he was protesting the presence of 109 Slovak troops among the coalition forces in Iraq.

In southern Baghad, guerrillas shot two petroleum ministry employees to death, and wounded a third man.

Guerrillas detonated a bomb in a cemetery in the Shiite holy city of Najaf, killing 2 Iraqis and wounding 3 other family members.

U.S. soldiers shot to death two Iraqis and wounded two others in Baghdad when their car came too close to an American armoured patrol, military spokesman Lt. Jamie Davis said.

Iraqi police broke up a garage that was manufacturing car bombs, arresting 5.

US Marines fired seven missiles at guerrillas near Qaim, and it is alleged that they killed 40 of them.

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