Ahmadov On Iraq And Chechnya Guest

Ahmadov on Iraq and Chechnya

Guest comment from Azerbaijan comparing the Iraq and Chechnya Guerrilla Wars, by Dr. Alpay Ahmadov in Baku:

. . . You cite Newsweek reports that Iraqi officials admit that the new security services are infiltrated and in detailed comment it.

I would like to inform you that, the same happens in Chechnya. Probably you know that, Chechen resistance soldiers (or mujaheeds) fight against Russia army as well as so-called pro-Russian Chechen militia (police) and soldiers. The former accuse latter of the betrayel of Chechen interests. There are people among pro-Russian Chechens, who in reality work for mujahids.

Another curious fact, that, as I know, doesn’t occur in Iraq, for the time being. The heads of some districts (governors), ethnically Chechens, appointed by Russian administration secretly pay tribute to the field commanders of mujahids to escape assasination against themselves. And other amazing fact, that can hardly happen regarding American forces in Iraq. Russian commanders sell weapons to mujahids with the aim of gain.

My conclusion: The conflicts in Iraq, Chechnya (Russia) and Afghanistan will hardly be solved in near future. Because the ideological bases of conflicts are too sharp and contradictory. And secondly, both US and Russia to some extent achieved Iraqization and Chechenization of the conflict, which also make these conflicts more protracted. Thirdly, there are secret forces who are interested in prolongation of such conflicts. Third aspect, truly saying, is unclear for me.

With best regards

Dr. Alpay Ahmadov
lecurer of department of International Relations and Regional Studies,
Baku Slav University.

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