Breaking News Iraq Un Ambassador

Breaking News: Iraq UN Ambassador Charges Marines with Murder of his Nephew
Suicide Bomber Kills 20 at Police Recruitment Center

Iraq’s ambassador to the UN, Samir Sumaidaie, said Saturday that US Marines shot his 21-year-old nephew as he was helping them carry out a search of his residence in Anbar province. The nephew had been asked if there were any weapons in the house and were shown a rifle with no ammunition (most Iraqi families have guns at home). The nephew was arrested by the Marines and then found dead with a bullet in his neck.

Sumaidaie said that the implications of this “serious crime” were enormous for the US and Iraq. The US military is investigating the incident.

US snipers also killed an Iraqi reporter working for Knight Ridder. Most Iraqi civilians killed by US military forces remain anonymous; there are probably tens of thousands of them. Yasser Salihee was a brave and decent man and an excellent reporter who drew back the veil on key events in Iraq and their meaning. We are all diminished by his death.

A suicide bomber in Baghdad struck a police recruitment center at Yarmouk, killing at least 20 persons and injuring dozens.

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