Reader Comment On Gaza Pullout Roger

Reader Comment on Gaza Pullout

Roger Wyatt writes from the U.K.

‘ I find your blog enormously stimulating and admire your prolific output. Your comments on the Israeli colonisation of Palestinian land are spot on. During the first Palestinian intifada I was a volunteer at Kibbutz Kissufim just outside the Gaza Strip (ok, at that time I was a young Zionist symapthiser). I saw the Jewish settlements at Gush Katif in Gaza with my own eyes – smart condominiums surrounded by razor wire, literally within sight of Palestinian refugee camps and the new infrastructure (the Kissufim road) that was built to serve them.

I’d be interested to know why the Jewish colonisers movement has chosen orange as the colour of their protest movement. Is there some unexplained significance to this choice?

I might be wrong but looking at the picture on your blog titled ‘They have made these nice colonies in Palestinian Gaza’ that looks to me like a picture of a West Bank settlement. There is a suggestion of space in the background of that photo which I never saw in Gaza, where the only space is the beach.

I imagine that you must already know the documentary comic book Palestine by Joe Sacco and the British documentary film Jeremy Hardy vs the Israeli Army, but if you’ve missed them they really are worth catching. ‘

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