Huffington On Bolton And Plame Someone

Huffington on Bolton and Plame

Someone in the Bush White House blew the cover of a CIA operative, Valerie Plame, to punish her husband, Joe Wilson. Wilson had gone to Niger to investigate the phony story pushed by Dick Cheney that Iraq had bought yellowcake uranium from that country. (The charge was in fact meaningless since insiders knew that Iraq had no capability to do anything with yellowcake. For this reason, the US military did not even bother to secure the yellowcake at Tuwaitha after Saddam’s fall). When the Bush administration kept lying about the “African uranium” case, Wilson went public. That was why the Bushies believed he “had to be punished.”‘ They would no doubt have preferred to “punish France,” but not all of us get the primo revenge gigs.

Arianna Huffington thinks that the “someone” might well be John Bolton, Bush’s current envoy to the United Nations. That’s what we need at the UN– someone who will betray US national security for petty personal spite.

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