Louisiana National Guard Coming Home 4

Louisiana National Guard coming Home
4 US Security Men Killed

Guerrillas used a roadside bomb to kill 4 US private security men in the southern city of Basra on Wednesday. They had helped guard the US consulate in the southern Shiite city. There are about 20,000 such private security guards in Iraq, and some 200 have been killed.

US warplanes bombed the home of Abu Ali near Husaybah in western Iraq, in an attempt to kill the terrorist. Foreign fighters are said to dominate Qaim and other towns in the area.

The US Pentagon is sending hundreds of members of the Louisiana National Guard home from Iraq. Some of them have lost homes in New Orleans. Internet gossip had earlier suggested substantial discontent in the ranks over being stuck in Iraq while Louisiana faced its biggest crisis in modern history.

The Iraqi Interior ministry said 9 Iraqis were killed, among them a high-ranking official in the ministry of the interior. Another 20, at least, were injured.

US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield maintains that the US government can both take care of New Orleans and pursue the “global war on terror.”

Uh, Donald, let’s look at this situation. First, much of New Orleans is under water. You stole money that should have been spent on its levees for the Iraq War, and you stole state national guards from Louisiana to fight in Iraq. (The state national guards hadn’t signed up to fight foreign wars and were surprised when you kidnapped them, sometimes for a whole year at a time.) So you haven’t actually done a good job with the effects of Katrina in New Orleans. In fact, the job has been so bad that some wags are saying they can’t believe you personally were not in charge of the recovery effort.

Then let’s consider the war against al-Qaeda. You may have noticed that Ayman al-Zawahiri issued a videotape late last week. It was bundled with the farewell suicide tape of Muhammad Siddique Khan, the mastermind of the 7/7 bombers in London. It now appears that your inability to capture al-Zawahiri has allowed him to intrigue with Pakistani jihadi groups to recruit British subjects to bomb their own country. Bin Laden and Zawahiri are at large and free men, which is your failure.

Then there is the war in Iraq. I don’t need to tell you that that isn’t going very well. In fact, what in hell are you doing in the godforsaken Turkmen city of Tal Afar? Is it really a big threat to the United States? Is it likely to be friendly to us if you drop 500 pound bombs on its residential districts?

You left out the fourth war Bush is fighting, on the US poor. The average wage of the average American worker fell last quarter, amidst rising corporate profits. Bush cut billions in taxes on the rich, and then gave $300 checks to some poor people, who didn’t seem to realize that by taking it they were giving up all sorts of government services and maybe even their social security payments.

So, Donald, maybe it is true that someone can save New Orleans, occupy Iraq and fight a global war on terror all at the same time. But you, at least, cannot actually do these things successfully. Which is why you should have resigned a long time ago.

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