Great Iran Crock Blair And Aei Mahan

The Great Iran Crock, Blair and AEI

Mahan Abedin demolishes the Blair government’s case for Iran giving bombs to Iran’s enemies in Iraq. By the way, this thing about the Lebanese Hezbollah really is just disinformation and lies.

There are two organizations in southern Iraq called Hizbullah. One is a component of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (a coalition of Shiite activists). The other was a vehicle for the organization of the Marsh Arabs by Abdul Karim al-Muhammadawi, the “prince of the marshes” and now a member of parliament. Both of these “Hizbullah” organizations are indigenous Iraqis. Poorly informed and perhaps also not very bright Neocons in Iraq were alarmed to see Hizbullah insignia up alongside that of SCIRI, but it was the Iraqi Hizbullah.

The American Enterprise Institute and the Rockingham Cell in the British Ministry of Defense are hoping that you won’t know the difference, and that they can find a way to hang violence in Iraq on Iran and the Lebanese Hizbullah. Anyway, if they were so worried about Lebanon’s Hizbullah becoming more powerful, they shouldn’t have put the Dawa Party and SCIRI into power in Iraq; they are its allies ideologically, and the Iraqi Dawa helped set up Hizbullah in south Lebanon to begin with back in the 1980s.

Apparently AEI and Blair think of Iraq as a magical, mysterious War Machine. Fight one war, you can create all kinds of pretexts to fight another.

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