Baghdad Bombs Kill 13 Wound 34

Baghdad Bombs kill 13, wound 34;
Divisions among Jihadis

AFP reports that “13 people, including seven Iraqi policemen and six civilians, were killed and 34 were injured in three car bombs in different parts of Baghdad on Wednesday, medical and military sources said.”

Knight Ridder reports that the “Zarqawi” group has broken with other Sunni jihadis in Ramadi and has fought street battles with them. One issue is whether Sunnis should vote in the Dec. 15 elections, with Iraqis increasingly favoring this step.

I would not read too much into this split yet. There are some 36 guerrilla groups in the Sunni Arab areas, and it is natural for them to fight amongst themselves from time to time. It doesn’t mean they wouldn’t cooperate to hit the US.

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